Our Fibers


The ultimate in luxury. It’s hard to put into words how incredible it is to get bundled up in pure cashmere! Mongolian cashmere is uniquely known for its softness and durability in international markets. Many of the most famous fashion houses in the world, like Louis Vuitton, source their cashmere from Mongolia.

With our yarn, you get the same quality and softness you find in the most expensive luxury brands at an affordable price to make your own items and gifts.

Our cashmere comes only from the finest wool from the underside of the goats belly and chin. Due to the small amount of cashmere that can be brushed from each goat in the spring, it makes cashmere a rare and highly sought fiber.

Yak Down Wool

Sounds strange, but feels incredible. Exotic and less known than sheep’s wool and cashmere, yak wool should actually be called yak cashmere. Being finer and softer than some cashmere from other countries, yak wool feels almost like a merino/cashmere blend.

Yaks have a different layers in their wool coats, much like goats. ULA + LIA only uses the finest, softest, down layer that yaks produce in the middle of bitter winters. Guard hairs are separated from the downy ‘yak cashmere’ before being spun into yarn.

Due to their unique habitat of high elevations and bitterly cold temperatures, yak wool is both very fine and soft, but also comprised of abnormally long and durable fibers. Like merino wool, yak wool is also finding its way into base layers do to its strength, warmth, and natural wicking properties.

Camel Wool

The massive Bactrian camels in Mongolia do their best in the harsh conditions in the Gobi desert. Due to the low popularity of camel wool products compared to goats, sheep, and yaks, camel numbers have been dropping in Mongolia recently. By increasing demand for these animals, it can stabilize prices for herders in the Gobi and increase the profits for herding families.

Super warm and super durable, camel wool is a great substitute for sheep wool in knitting projects. It’s not quite as soft as the yak wool, but it wears like iron and is great for active people. My favorite sweater is made out of super thick camel wool!