ULA+LIA : Tale of Two Worlds

During the winter in Mongolia, temperatures drop to under -40C. In order to protect themselves from the environment, the animals develop superfine wool coats. The natural environment here and the traditional, nomadic, free-range way of raising the animals is what makes Mongolian fibers the most sought after in the world.


Our Products

ULA + LIA connects the incredible raw materials found in the remote Mongolian countryside to the rest of the world at wholesale prices. As a lifestyle brand, ULA + LIA currently offers select home wears and knitting yarn made confidently with rare and exotic fibers.

How We Started

Finding a Niche

Originally coming to Mongolia in 2010 as a Peace Corps volunteer, I moved back to Mongolia permanently after my service ended to start a business selling cashmere clothes out of Mongolia. Through some ups and downs, my first fashion label didn’t make it, but I learned ton about textiles manufacturing, fibers, and how the two worlds work together in Mongolia.

While teaching English in Mongolia to pay rent and eat, I started ULA + LIA, still with the same ideas to combine the precious fibers found in the countryside with the reliable, quality manufacturing of the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Through my first cashmere label, and then through my first successful kickstarter campaign, I had a number of people ask me for knitting yarn! After looking at the prices and quality of other available cashmere and yak wool yarns, I knew I needed to listen to my supporters and supply world-class knitting yarn at direct, affordable prices.

Our Fibers

The Soft Stuff

All of our fibers we use are incredible in their own ways. All of the animals are raised by traditional nomadic herders in the remote Mongolian countryside. To learn what makes each of our fibers unique, check out our fibers page!